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"Find Your MP3" is a shareware application, that helps you find MP3 files on your computer or network.

Find Your MP3 is intended for MP3 fans who have enormous music collections. As often happens, music of various genres and singers ends up scattered all over your computer in multiple folders. If this looks like a description of your music collection, Find Your MP3 is for you. You can quickly find any composition on your computer with Find Your MP3. You can use the name of a song, singer or group, an album or genre, or any other data in an ID3 tag for an MP3 file. Just type it in as your search query. Additionally, with only one click, you can add them to Nullsoft Winamp's playlist.

In the last 5 years, ID3 tags has achieved great popularity within the music industry. 95 percent of all MP3 files contain them. These tags describe information about the content of the music file, such as a song's title, artist, album, year of production, genre, track number and comments. Find Your MP3 uses this information to find required files. As an additional feature, ID3 Tag Editor had been integrated in the application as free gift.

You can download Find Your MP3 here for free and use the application to perform up to 20 searches over an unlimited period of time.  The only limitation of the unregistered version is that the number of searches is limited to 20. Cost of registration is only $9.99.

Computerra journal (Dec 2001): "User-frieldy interface, flexibility of configurations, simplicity of use and a brand new idea for intellectual searching of music collections make Find Your MP3 really worthy of "The Best Music Utility of The Month" award."


  • Runs on current versions of Microsoft Windows 95 / 98 / NT / ME / 2000 / XP.  
  • Interaction with Nullsoft Winamp.  
  • Supports both formats of ID3: ID3v1 and ID3v2.  
  • Searches on local, removable and network drives.  
  • Allows the use of mask symbols (* and ?) in search queries.  
  • Intellectual search.
  • Integrated MP3 Tag Editor.  

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